More direct bookings with GuruHotel

In this webinar we learned 5 very important things you can do to start receiving more direct reservations with GuruHotel.

  1. Why is important to have a website?
  2. Learn to create a website with GuruHotel
  3. Verify your property’s profile
  4. Optimize your new website
  5. Get to know our Marketplace

Why is important to have a website?

To understand why it is important, you must first understand where the traffic to your website comes from.

Travelers turn to the most popular online agencies to find the hotel where they want to stay on their next trip, since OTAS calls invest millions of dollars in marketing and search engine optimization, a budget that is not available to most of hotels, which means that in exchange for reservations generated through their platforms; hotels are willing to pay a large percentage of commission, sometimes up to 50% of the value of the reservation.

However, with the passage of time, travelers have become more and more involved in the purchase process, which means that they investigate thoroughly before making a decision, and they do so of course, through Google; which controls more than 86% of internet searches in the world.

As you can see, Google is extremely important both for online agencies and for your hotel, and while you cannot control the budget they invest to position themselves (and you should not), they cannot “control” the way in which people search in Internet, so much so that 7 out of 10 people who find your hotel in an OTA, then search for it on Google.

How do they do that?

For this example we will use Maglén Resort hotel.

When doing the search, travelers will find everything related to your hotel, including the Google my business profile, which, among other things, allows you to place your official website, which is exactly what travelers are looking for to validate your property, confirm your location, and especially comparing prices and payment options.

IMPORTANT: It is not about not advertising in OTAS, on the contrary, it is about taking advantage of the traffic (searches) that they give to your website and what happens after they click on it, is under your control.

Fun fact:

Did you know that after Expedia and Booking, the hotels official website is the sales channel with the highest production?

Learn to create a website with GuruHotel

Click here and try it with your property.

Enter the name of your property, number of rooms, brief description of your property, 3 photographs (minimum) and change or confirm the name of your domain in GuruHotel, click on the “Launch now” button and let the magic happen .

Once you have “launched” your site, you will be able to see it totally live through your domain in GuruHotel, and you will be able to claim it by creating an account with your email, that easy.

Verify your property’s profile

To verify your property you will need to enter your account at GuruHotel and click on your profile, located in the upper right corner of your Dashboard and select the option “Your profile” to review the information, including your name, surname, telephone number and email. electronic. You must click on the button “Send confirmation email” to the registered email to validate your identity.

Click on the “Document verification” button to enter the requested documents. This information will be verified by our operations team, who will contact you if additional information is needed.

Click on the “Bank Account” button to enter the details of the bank account associated with the documents you attached. In case of requiring any changes and / or updates, you should contact us through the support button located in the upper left corner of your Dashboard.

To make purchases within GuruHotel you must add a credit or debit card issued by any bank that allows virtual charges. Click on the “Added cards” button, you can add more than one card and select the one you want to use before making the payment.

Optimize your new website

Enter GuruHotel and click on the “Hotel Information” button to enter the information requested in each of the fields in step 1, make sure to click on the “Save and continue” button so that the information is updated.

Create the rooms of your property, remember that everything you add here will be displayed on your website and will be used to configure the applications and connections that you request.

In step 2 you must add all the information requested for each of the rooms of your property.

You can create all the rooms you need, remember that if you have several rooms of the same type, you can use the “Same rooms” field and assign them a number using the “Room numbers” field.

Add the rates for each of the rooms in your property, you can add as many seasons as you need.

In addition, you can add the prices of additional persons, minors, meal plans and other restrictions such as minimum nights and advance purchase.

Get to know our Marketplace

Enter GuruHotel and click on the “Marketplace” button and explore native apps such as Online Check out, which will allow your website to process the payment of all reservation requests in real time or the Hotel Manager, which will help you managing all your distribution channels as well as helping you manage the daily operations of your hotel, such as arrivals, payments, invoices and business intelligence.

Register your hotel at and take back control of your hotel, optimizing your direct channel.