How to launch you hotel website?

In this webinar we review 4 important aspects of our e-commerce platform.

  1. How to create rooms?
  2. How to add sections?
  3. How to activate the Online Checkout?
  4. How to activate the Hotel Manager?

Having a beautiful website is not enough to generate direct reservations, you need a website made to sell, that is, an e-commerce site, which not only allows you to incorporate all the content you need to show your future guests everything what you have to offer in your property, but offer the best online shopping experience.

But not only that, you must also have full control of your website, it must be just as easy to manage as the profile of your hotel in any of the online agencies you work with, and of which, probably, you receive the majority. of reservations for your hotel today.

I constantly talk to hotels that are reluctant to change their website for the sake of being “nice”, I always answer the same, if your website does not generate direct reservations, you have to change it.

A very clear example is Maglén Resort, a 50-room boutique hotel on the wine route, Maglén had a magazine website, an extravagant design and many photographs, but it was impossible to make a reservation.

Maglén made the decision to change his website to GuruHotel, increasing his sales 10x in less than 6 months. So far this year, his website has generated twice the sales of his profile on Expedia and 25% more than on

If you still do not know our platform, I invite you to claim your new website, by clicking here.

How to create rooms?

Creating a room is very easy, all you have to do is click on your profile in the upper right corner of your screen, click on the “hotel data” button and select the option “all” in the rooms section .

Click on the button “create a new room” if it is the first time or on “add another” if you have more rooms, select the option “information” to add all the details of your new room.

I recommend adding the actual inventory, as well as the room numbering of each category, this will make the synchronization with the Hotel Manager much faster and you can synchronize the reservations from your website and online agencies connected to your property.

How to add sections?

The sections or “tabs” on your website are very important, they allow your clients to know more about your hotel, its history, gastronomic offer, services and attractions. You can create all the tabs you need and organize them by category, add photos, descriptions and contact information.

To create a section you just have to click on the website button that is located at the top of your screen, click on “customize” to display the section menu.

Click on “new section”, add the title, category as appropriate and a cover photo. Put a description and customize it according to your needs, you can add as many photos as you need.

How to activate the Online Checkout?

Once you have added all the rooms in your hotel, you can activate Online Checkout and thus be able to offer your customers the best shopping experience, so they can make a reservation in less than 10 seconds.

From your Dashboard, click on the Marketplace button and select the Online Checkout, this application has no installation cost or fixed monthly cost. GuruHotel generates a commission of 5% on each effective reservation.

The application will be added to your side menu and will change its status to activation pending while the synchronization is taking place. You will receive a notification and access to the Online Checkout back office once the application has been activated.

How to activate the Hotel Manager?

Like the Online Checkout, the Hotel Manager is available in the Marketplace. From your Dashboard, click on the Marketplace button and select the Hotel Manager, this application has no installation cost or fixed monthly cost for hotels with up to 40 rooms. For larger inventory hotels, the cost will depend on the number of rooms.

The Hotel Manager will allow you to manage your direct reservations and the reservations of online agencies that you have synchronized with your GuruHotel website, you can request the connections directly from the Marketplace, the prices start from $15 USD/month.

I invite you to register your hotel at and regain control of your hotel, optimizing your direct channel.