How to buy apps from the Marketplace?

In this webinar we learned 5 important things for your new website.

  1. Why should you connect your website to OTAS?
  2. What is the Billboard Effect?
  3. What happens when your website is not “aligned”?
  4. What can you do to take advantage of your visibility in OTAS?
  5. How to buy apps from the Marketplace?

Why should you connect your website to OTAS?

Connecting your website to OTAS (Online Travel Agencies), especially the most popular ones, such as Booking and Expedia is essential, since both, through their multiple brands, dominate the world of online hotel reservations.

To explain the relevance of being connected I will use a phenomenon already well known in the hotel industry known as the Billboard Effect.

What is the Billboard Effect?

The “Billboard” effect is self-explanatory, your hotel is advertised in multiple online agencies, if your ad appears among the first places on the list, it increases its chances of generating reservations, which causes the following to happen:

  1. The traveler visits Expedia,, etc.
  2. Find your hotel listing
  3. Open a new tab in the browser
  4. Search your hotel on Google
  5. Book directly on your website

Although other variables such as social networks or online reputation sites have been incorporated into this phenomenon, the Billboard Effect thesis remains valid, in such a way that having a profile of your hotel on Expedia, Booking or Despegar is very important for generate direct sales, and it becomes extremely valuable when your hotel occupies the first places of the list of results.

What happens when your website is not “aligned”?

If the shopping experience, the prices or the payment alternative (or even worse all together) are not the same as what you offer in OTAS, the best thing that can happen is that travelers prefer to book through these agencies, which means a high distribution cost, in some cases up to 40% of the public rate, or in the worst case, they decide to book another hotel. Why? among other things, due to mistrust.

What can you do to take advantage of your visibility in OTAS?

The first thing you should do is make sure that your website offers the best shopping experience, that making a reservation is as fast and easy as making it in an OTA such as Expedia or Booking and of course that it allows your customers to manage / modify their reservations, in addition to offering them the possibility of purchasing other products or services of your hotel, even after having made the reservation.

Offer the same conditions that you offer to online agencies, such as a flexible cancellation policy, or payment at destination, the same with the payment alternatives, if your website does not process cards issued in other countries and the majority of your clients are foreigners , you need to change your payment processor to one like the one offered by GuruHotel through its integration with Stripe.

Of course, connect all the online agencies in which you have created a profile, add more distribution channels to your hotel and of course optimize the exposure of your hotel in the first places of the list to increase the possibilities of generating direct reservations, yes You do not know how to do it or you need help, you can request the support of an expert directly in our Marketplace.

How to buy apps from the Marketplace?

Login to your account and click on the Marketplace button that appears in Dashboard, select the app or integration you want to activate to view all the details of that connection.

In case you want to activate an app with a cost, you will need to enter a payment method to view the final price of that connection.

GuruHotel offers apps so that you can start selling instantly, such as Online Checkout, which you can activate with no installation cost or fixed monthly.

Through the Marketplace, you can also request advice from our Experts in a single payment or recurring payment method so that you can define your commercial strategy for your property.

You can add your pixels from Google Ads, Google Analytics and other Marketing tools directly to your website to guarantee the performance of your campaigns and your website in general.

You can also request connections individually with the online agencies of your choice, the cost will depend on the number of rooms you own and the connection request is subject to activation by the Hotel Manager.

You can request services such as professional photography packages directly from the Marketplace.

Finally, you can request integration with technologies so that customers can contact your property directly from your website.

GuruHotel will continue adding apps, integrations and other connections with more technologies to offer your hotel the best hotel e-commerce platform and your clients the best online shopping experience.

I invite you to register your hotel at and regain control of your hotel, optimizing your direct channel.