How the GuruHotel website works?

In this webinar we learned 4 important things for your new website.

  1. What prices to put on your website?
  2. What payment options should you activate?
  3. What are the most popular extras?
  4. What experience does your checkout offer?

What prices to put on your website?

Travelers search multiple websites for several weeks before making a decision to book. So it is very likely that they will visit your website in order to find a better price or at least equal conditions versus an online agency and book directly with you in exchange for added value or have preferential treatment.

It is very important that you consider offering your best available price on the official website of your hotel, in the end, the cost of distribution, that is, the commission, will be considerably lower than that of a travel agency (OTA) and therefore Therefore, the money that will enter your hotel will be greater and you will have direct contact with your future guest.

What payment options should you activate?

Adding multiple payment options is essential, since by increasing the alternatives for your future guests to complete the reservation process, they will increase your chances of generating more direct sales.

The “traditional” payment options such as accepting credit cards or allowing the customer to make direct payment at the establishment are undoubtedly the most popular, but there are options such as PayPal and Apple Pay and even bank transfers that are often used by travelers, And that can help more travelers choose to book on your website instead of an online agency.

What are the most popular extras?

The so-called added values ​​are a source of additional income for your hotel, and putting them in view of the client before their arrival can mean an “average ticket” greater than that which a traveler through an OTA can generate, since the agencies online, they usually offer other products and services to their clients to complement their stay, without transferring this benefit to the hotels.

You can incorporate at checkout a romantic dinner, an airport transfer and any other product or service that you offer in your property so that travelers can complement their stay and have a better experience when staying at your hotel, at the same time that you enter more money for every reservation.

What experience does your checkout offer?

We have spoken on more than one occasion that having a magazine website is not enough for travelers to decide to book on your website rather than on an online agency, checkout must be easy, fast and optimized for any mobile device. The GuruHotel checkout offers an incredible experience, from selecting the room, to registering an account to save the payment method and reserve extras, even after completing the reservation.


I invite you to register your hotel at and regain control of your hotel, optimizing your direct channel.