"GuruHotel exceeds my expectations, I consider it ideal and necessary for any hotelier who wants to have a more successful online business."

- Maglen Resort

Jose Luis - Maglen Resort by GuruHotel

Welcome to the wine route

Jose Luis from Maglén Resort

Tell us a little about yourself and the history of your property?

My name is Jose Luis and I am General Manager of Maglen Resort, which after 9 years is now the Resort with the largest number of rooms on the Wine Route in Ensenada, Baja California, we also have a very large hospitality offer.

We have: Winery, Brewery, 2 Restaurants, Transportation Service, Lounges and venues for social events; We form a corporate with 100% Ensenada investment, committed to the economic development of the region as well as the hotel and hospitality industry.

Maglen Resort by GuruHotel

What made you decide to join our digital hotel chain?

Maglen Resort by GuruHotel

The need for a professional business ally and expert in the areas of distribution online focused on hospitality, in addition to existing options, GuruHotel made us decide for them due to the careful and personal attention they pay to every detail, without a doubt one of their greater strengths.  

Speaking of direct sales, how was your experience with GuruHotel? 

Excellent, it has been a radical change, we sought to enhance our direct sales and that is exactly what we have achieved, from the first month of work we noticed good results and today we have exponential growth both on our website, as in the rest of agencies we already work with.

As an example Maglen Resort had an exponential growth of 343% and 198% in September and October compared with the previous year.

Maglen Resort by GuruHotel-Stats

What do you think of the cost / benefit of being part of the digital community?

Route 90-8 by GuruHotel

The quality in the service of GuruHotel exceeds my expectations, I consider it ideal and necessary for any hotelier who wants to have a more successful business. At Maglén Resort we fully trust GuruHotel and its team of experts, which in a few months have become part of our family.

What would you say are the 3 most important contributions of GuruHotel to Maglén Resort?

  1. The use of dynamic rates to obtain a better performance for each room available on our property. Today we control the distribution of our prices and monitor the behavior of our competitors. It is as if we were a step forward all the time.
  2. The efficiency of the website to increase direct sales, both for individuals and for weddings and groups. Our page fully represents who we are and clearly shows the offer of services we offer, but also generates many reservations.
  3. Creation and creativity in campaigns that help us sell more, especially on our website, where we had not managed to generate such a high volume of reservations.

Would you recommend GuruHotel to other Hoteliers in Mexico and Latin America?

I definitely recommend them, especially in destinations where competition is strong and it is imperative to have a business ally that also adds that touch of technology; That is fundamental.

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