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The most effective way to transact your clients' reservation payments without fear of loss.

100% charges online

Charge from your mobile or laptop from anywhere with internet access.

Any credit card

Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress and other commercial credit cards.

Competitive rates

5% per transaction to cover the basic expenses of using the platform.

How does GuruPay work?

& #8220; It's like having a dataphone always at hand & #8221;& #8230; Today it is essential to collect electronically since it is no secret to anyone that every day less cash and more virtual transactions are used.

That's why GuruPay arrives, a real effective system, capable of allowing you to charge any type of business related to your hotel. Whether lodging reservations, payment of services or others. In addition, it is fully integrated with the PMS we offer you when you purchase your GuruHotel membership.

How do I receive my money?

Very simple, at the beginning of each week we make a reconciliation of reservations with check out within the previous week. Once you confirm that everything is in order, we make a transfer to your bank account. We are a technology company and we are here to help you, so we adapt to your needs in a timely manner, as long as you let us.

How much?

GuruPay has no additional cost, no implementation cost or fixed cost, since it comes  included in your GuruHotel membership and you can use it from day one. The transaction cost is 5% of the total amount of each reservation. Being integrated into GuruHotel, its use is limited to members of the community

We take care of timely monitoring of each and every transaction, you only take care of validating the identity of your guests upon arrival at your establishment.

This is gurupay

Our CEO Jorge Flores explains in 2 minutes how it works.

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