"We had the product, which is amazing; but we didn't have the knowledge of how to market it. With GuruHotel from the first month our bookings increased by 80%"

- Casona del Sol

Welcome to the house of all of you. 

Alex from Casona Del Sol

Tell us a little about yourself and the property? 

I am Alejandro Acevedo, Manager of Casona del Sol, a property located in the city of Cancun, Mexico. The house has twelve suites type rooms that include kitchen, dining room and private bathroom, and a Master Suite with kitchen, dining room, bathroom and Jacuzzi. 

La Casona del Sol was before a complete house and we have remodeled it so that all our guests have total privacy in any of the rooms, but at the same time they can make use of all the facilities and services we offer. 

We have a tennis court, pool table, gym, sauna, kiosk and BBQ area, swimming pool with a waterfall, a spectacular garden with sunning area, hammocks and lounge chairs. We offer airport transfer service in addition to a fully personalized service. 

Tell us why did you decide to join our digital Hotel Chain?

Why we had the product, which is amazing; But we didn't have the knowledge of how to market it. We only used the most popular vacation rental platform, but we didn't know about the other options on the market. 

Casona del Sol is not the same since we joined GuruHotel, to the extent that from the first month our sales increased by 80% in addition to receiving customers from various parts of the world, something that I personally find very enriching. 

What GuruHotel offers is just what we needed, from marketing, advice to technology as an official website, the PMS and GuruPay. 

Speaking of GuruPay, how was your experience with the tool?

It is the solution that every hotelier must have, we all know the wear and tear of preparing for an arrival and that customers cancel or do not show up, especially if it is a reservation & #8220; non-refundable & #8221 ;, it generates a loss of money. 

Since I use GuruPay, I can collect those non-refundable reservations and No Shows. I can make the operation of my business effective, and continue generating income. In addition, I can offer my clients a prepaid alternative and all within the same platform with which I control my business.

What did you do before to collect your non-refundable reservations, cancellations and No Shows?

I didn't charge them, I didn't have how to do it, and in the case of cancellations I had to pay up to commissions to the suppliers. I lost money and time every time I passed.

Imagine what it means to prepare a room, do the cleaning and place amenities. Everything to keep the room empty. 

Casona del Sol by GuruHotel
One of our rooms internally

Talking about time and money. What would you say are the 3 biggest benefits that GuruHotel brings to your property?

  1. Growth in sales, the fact that they have put us on various platforms that we did not know and with top quality ads. We have become a business that generates money. 
  2. The advice of its experts, which help us with aspects that do not only have to do to generate more income but have also directed us a lot in operational matters so that we are much more efficient.
  3. Control of my internal and economic property with its work tools, presence at the digital level and international commercial representation. 

Would you recommend GuruHotel to other managers or owners in Mexico and Latin America? Why?

I highly recommend GuruHotel because the world of hosting is changing rapidly and you have to fully enter the game of supply and demand that is so complex.  

Today I can tell you from my own experience, that if you are not well advised and do not have a good strategic planning, you will not be able to make your property stand out, and GuruHotel is undoubtedly the best option to help you achieve success. 

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